This is a blog for the soul!

The content does not follow any plan. It comes from the author’s heart. The overall theme is to share with the readers instants of enlightenment. 

Listening to the silence is an art. I hope the articles of this blog will help cultivate that art, and eventually lead to spreading the “Sound of Wisdom”…

Thanks for reading. Please share your insights, your moments, and your wisdom..

The Soaring Eagle

4 Responses to About

  1. مع التهاني والدعاء، هل سيكون كله بالانجليزية؟

  2. كان مجرد استفسار، إذ لن يكون سهلا علي فهم الحكمة بالإنجليزية.. بالطبع سأحاول وفقك الله وزادك من فضله..

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